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NEWKROTON is an export promotion agency in the Horn of Africa with the task of facilitating exports in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Somaliland and Uganda. The primary objective is to help potential exporters find markets for their products, as well as provide them a better understanding of products demanded in different export markets.


To be a world class export development agency through innovation.

Corporate Objective

To increase the number of exporters entering Foreign Markets.

LA NEWKROTON LTD. CO. e’ un’agenzia per la promozione dell’ export nel Corno d’ Africa. il suo scopo e’ facilitare l’ export in Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, Somaliland, Uganda.

In breve i servizi: offerti dalla NEWKROTON LTD. CO. sono I seguenti:

       A. Informazioni generali e supporto, incluso consulenza su tematiche doganali, fiscali, legali.

      B. Seminari tra clienti e esportatori (sia in italia che all’ estero).

      C. Fiere, esposizioni, mirate, ricerca distributori esclusivi e non.


Services offered by New Kroton Ltd Co can be categorized:

  1. Export support service that include (though are not limited to):
  1. General information and support on areas including information on local and federal regulatory requirements, hosting of trading seminars and exhibitions, land HS code requirements, Customs.
  2. Buyer Program wherein we host selected buyers to meet with selected exporters
  1. Developing Market Strategies:

Assist the exporter in developing the export strategy (Exhibitions, Market Research to identify buyers).

  1. Arrange for the exporter to meet buyer visiting the Country
  2. Assist the exporter by identifying and prioritizing the export market for an exportable product
  3. Establishing networks of commissioner agents or distributors
  4. Provide the exporters with the specific support, such as identifying a contact interests with government agency etc.
  5. Support with regards to a tender which includes identifying tendering and/or support to win.

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